Hi, I’m Ross, and this is my website. I wear a few different hats. I’m a Christian, husband, and father of four. My day job is working as a software developer at Dassault Systemes. I work in the SIMULIA brand developing codes to perform structural mechanics simulations where my particular area of expertise is in multiscale material simulation. I started work at DS after finishing my graduate studies in Aerospace Engineering at Texas A&M Univeristy. I’m a member at Grace Harbor Church in Providence.

I also have a number of hobbies including photography (which has become a little bit of a side-hustle) and singing (I’m a member of the Providence Singers). I also like to get outdoors on occasion to hike and pursue adventure.

I’ve created this website to collect a variety of musings, particularly as I see more and more issues inherent in the social media platforms where I’ve historically posted material (although I plan to continue being present on social media, at least for now). I don’t know what all my posts will end up being, but I’m guessing the following subjects are likely to come up:

  • My faith
  • Engineering simulation
  • Aerospace
  • My family
  • Political musings
  • Data analysis

Thanks for visiting. If you want to reach out, ping me on one of my social media accounts.